Billy Jenkins


"American readers will be baffled by him; but he is, along with the Princess Royal and Walthamstow dog stadium, one of our national treasures."

Penguin Guide To Jazz On CD


Billy Jenkins is the sound of Brockley. Born in Bromley in 1956, Billy has lived in Brockley and south-east London all his life. As a guitarist, composer, singer and bandleader, he has produced a large body of critically acclaimed recorded works - often inspired by south-east London. In 2010 he performed at the London Jazz Festival with the BBC Big Band. Billy is at once an artist and a storyteller. His work is full of humour, life and Lewisham. Each of his tracks tells a story, a story of our streets and the man who knows them – a man from Lewisham!


Here is a taste of it: I am a man from Lewisham


My Brockley

Nordic walking down leafy streets filled with inspiring ghosts of suburbia past, romping with grandchildren atop Hilly Fields, picking up the jazz, blues and speedway magazines from Costcutters, borrowing and returning to the Micro Library, eating great produce from Brockley Market, The Jack Theatre, the buildings and, of course, the wonderful folk who live around here - so many artisans, creatives, conscientious and caring people!


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