Broccoli Adventures


Broccoli Adventures was founded in January 2016 by local architect and illustrator Juliana Muniz Westcott. For Juliana, Brockley is the perfect backdrop for her watercolours, collages, photography and the production of small objects. Broccoli Adventures was founded as a platform for sharing her new experiences and for taking up new challenges from people interested in her work.

My Brockley 

Brockley has become my home and studio and its lovely atmosphere and people have greatly inspired my work. Encounters with new and interesting people, working in cosy cafes and participating in great family activities have all encouraged me to test out different medias and helped my work become a diverse expression of this neighbourhood. You will often find me strolling around Hilly Fields with my little girls, having a snack at Pistachios or enjoying a great lunch at Brockley Market.

Brockley is good for you! 

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