Inspired in Brockley

Inspired in Brockley is the work of Cheryl Brint. 

Cheryl grew up in Norfolk, started making jewellery when she moved to Cambridge in her early 20s and held craft markets in both places. Her tag line was globally sourced, locally produced, due to a passion for travel.  She would collect beads and items all around the world, which are likely to show up in her pieces again. 

"Polymer clay is my most used medium as its so diverse, opening up to all sorts of creative possibilities.  I was writing my Health Economics MSc dissertation in 2019, distracting myself with videos of people making all sorts, mandalas were always amazing to watch if you want to check any out! I also watched a lot of videos of fluid art. All in all, I didn’t realise how useful all of these passions would be during the pandemic.  I spent the beginning of it pregnant, living out my art dreams and getting stuck into COVID analytics!"

My Brockley

I’ve lived in South East London for about seven years now, Brockley for one and a half, and the inspiration came so quickly!! Many businesses here have Brockley in their name, so I thought that was a great place to start!  It's also a very beautiful part of London, as you may already know :)

Brockley is good for you! 

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