Lorna Syson


Lorna Syson is a British textile and home interiors designer living in Brockley. Lorna’s unique designs simultaneously spark nostalgia and evoke the simplified beauty of the British outdoors. Camera in hand, Lorna is often in Hilly Fields capturing fleeting moments such as bees collecting nectar and birds foraging for seeds. These inspire the illustrations and patterns created in Lorna’s silhouetted style. The designs encourage the viewer to witness the world through Lorna’s lens and invites them to find the beauty overlooked in their everyday life. With an emphasis on quality and integrity Lorna is proud to work with British manufacturers across the UK and sells her work to independent boutiques worldwide.

My Brockley

I’ve been living in Brockley for three years and love the open green spaces and tree-lined streets. Fed up with the hustle and bustle of east London I was pleasantly surprised by the peacefulness and the friendliness of the community. I still can’t quite believe I’m in zone 2 of London. I often head over to Hilly Fields to walk my dog and love the Brockley farmers' market on Saturday mornings. I love heading to the London Beer Dispensary for drinks, the Brockley Mess for a lazy weekend brunch or heading to the Orchard for one of the best Sunday lunches I’ve ever had! I’ve definitely found my home in Brockley.


Brockley is good for you! 

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