Dave Salisbury/Massive Arms


Armed with a thinned tipped rollerball pen, paper and Tippex, Dave  creates illustrations and graphics that celebrate a cross-pollination of the unsung hero and the eccentric superstar – a peculiar brand of Pop Art. Initial drawings of Larry David, Jemaine Clement, Billy Bragg and Layne Stayley were born from the lack (and quality) of T-shirt options, when it came to personal icons and has now developed from a rough, sketchy black pen style, into a flamboyant,cheeky one. Expect illustrations of downtrodden British TV characters, soul music superstars, hip hop hoodlums and other oodles of doodles of cool dudes.


Highlights include: illustrating for BBC Radio 6 and Mel from ‘Mel and Sue’ liking his drawing of her (on Twitter).


As well as illustrating, Dave DJs all around London, including Little Nan’s in Catford, Four Quarters in Peckham, Topshop, Timbaland and once DJ’d at his niece’s 7th birthday - his toughest gig to date.

My Brockley
I'm a South Londoner and my Dad grew up in Southwark, so the area feels very familiar and homely. There's an incredible sense of community - you don't just feel like another number when you walk into a shop - and the view from Telegraph Hill is a right treat.