Synth Evolution

Oli is passionate about all things musical - synths and music production especially. Having been in multiple bands and fronted several solo projects, he has supported the Human League on tour, played keys with Charlotte Hatherley, performed at Glastonbury, The Big Chill, Hammersmith Apollo, The Barbican and many other venues. Back in the day he even performed hard house for the clubbing masses. More recently TV composition has been the flavour of the day, and 2018 might be the year of noisy techno.


His day job is working for the BBC where he is responsible for the digital media players - delivering more than 1bn streams a year worldwide.


Synth Evolution was born from a lack of time to do music following the birth of his first child, so a passion for all things synth was sublimated into researching and illustrating nearly 300 classics synths of the late 20th century, and arranging them into chronological order. He wanted to show how they had evolved in appearance and sound generation methodology over that time, mirroring other technological achievements of the era. 'I personally find it inspiring that these synths have been responsible for so much wonderful music of the last 50 years', he says. 


My Brockley

My wife and I moved to Brockley in 2004 and we have enjoyed an increasing number of wonderful cafes, bars, restaurants and shops appear as if by magic! Also loving all the street art that has sprung up in recent years, it really adds character and vibe to the place.