1. I Am A Man From Lewisham 
2. On (Catford) Broadway
3. Francis Drake Bowls Club
4. Deptford Market
5. Church of the Ford Transit Mini Bus
6. Terraced Fast Food
7. Clock Tower of Power
8. Throw Them Blues In The Recycling Bin

Billy Jenkins – guitar, vocals, harmonica
Nathaniel Facey – alto Saxophone
Dylan Bates – violin & pocket cornet
Gail Brand – trombone
Oren Marshall – tuba
Charles Hayward – drum kit, percussion, melodica
Carol Grimes – backing vocals
Ayanna Witter-Johnson – backing vocals
Merlin Hayward – backing vocals
Dave Ramm – organ
Jim Howard – trumpet
Charlie Hart – violin

"I am a man from Lewisham" CD by Billy Jenkins

  • If you live in the area, you HAVE to listen to Billy’s album “I am a man from Lewisham”! His music is bursting with energy, life and Lewisham. Each of his tracks tells a story, a story of our streets and the man who knows them.
    Here is a taste of it: here