Billy Jenkins' legendary Blues Collective touring band raise the studio roof! Electric electric violinist Dylan Bates, electric electric guitarist Richard Bolton, electric electric bass guitarist Thaddeus Kelly and the acoustic Mike Pickering on drums, join BJ and friends. Recorded in 2000, it sounds as fresh as the day it was made.

''Billy's phrases smash through the iron bars laid down by the rhythm section with a gestural panache that has NEVER heretofore been achieved by British electric guitarists.'
Ben Watson / The Wire

'Very bluesy, very guitary and also great fun. As for the band, they are in perfect harmony all the way.'
Laurie Stead / Huddersfield Daily Examiner

' isn't feelgood music, but it's perceptive, grimly amusing and as original as anything being played on either side of the Thames.'
Jack Massarik / London Evening Standard,

  • 1. Badlands
    2. Cliff Richard Spoke To Me
    3. Resting On My Bed Of Blues
    5. I'm Happy
    6. The Duke and Me
    7. I Love Your Smell
    8. Like John Lee Said

    Is this the site of the CD - or is it the CD of the site!?
    YouTube video: I Love Your Smell