Rowena Ardern


Rowena Ardern is an artist/designer/maker specialising in textiles and embroidery for interiors. She translates her drawings of flora and fauna, made in parks and gardens in London and Cornwall on to fabric to create unique framed pieces and canvases as well as cushions, tea towels, lavender sachets, printed cards and notebooks.

Rowena combines a variety of techniques including dye,
print and stitch and both hand and machine embroidery as well as digital print.

She welcomes commissions.


My Brockley

Brockley is a fantastic place to live, with friendly people, a leafy and green environment, lovely cafes and shops and the links into the city are great. I also love that there are so many parks and gardens to visit in London as my work is about drawing in and from nature and celebrating the natural world in my designs.

I have been living here for six years and am lucky to have a studio in my garden and family round the corner.

Brockley is good for you! 

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