Simon Obee & Brett Woodall


Simon Obee designed the 'I love Brockley' logo with his friend Brett Woodall. These days Brett lives in Greater Brockley (Crofton Park) and Simon lives in Greater-Greater Brockley (Sydney) but they still regard SE4 as home.

My Brockley

When we first moved to Brockley, it was back in the days before most people outside of south-east London had heard of it. So people kept saying to us "you've moved to Broccoli? where the hell is Broccoli?" We'd always been fans of a good pun, and we saw some synergy there, so we came up with the Broccoli/Brockley design and plonked it on a tote bag. What we like most about Brockley is the creative spirit. There's so much art - in all its forms - going on. We always lived on the New Cross side of Brockley so the Amersham Arms was our local boozer, and we still reckon that's one of the best pubs on the planet.

Brockley is good for you! 

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